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Meet the Team!

Donna Wilson, MS/OD

Co-Director, Board member, VISTA Alum

Donna“My professional experience includes more than 20 years designing, coordinating, and implementing training and development in government, business, and nonprofit organizations. In this I hold an MS in Organization Development and Human Behavior (USF 1998) with a focus on community building,  leadership and team development, conflict resolution, and executive/life coaching.

“As the founding Executive Director of Sierra NonProfit Services, I have developed a local grant funding library, implemented research and grant proposal coursework, written and managed successful grant proposals, and designed nonprofit training and development conferences in collaboration with nationally acclaimed consultants such as Peter Block, Jill Janov, and Tony Smith,PhD., Patricia Elliott,PhD., and master coaches of the Coaches Training Institute in San Raphael, Ca.  My passion is coaching individuals and small groups to build leadership and stronger more resilient teams at work and in community. This is the work I do because, when we as individuals work to our best strengths, our community benefits.

“As a long time resident of Tuolumne County, you can find me in Sonora, California, the area I dearly love; and where I reside with my husband of many years, 2 dogs, 1 cat, a hoot of wild animals and birds, and occasionally our 3 young granddaughters.”

Special Awards include:

  • Columbia College Hall of Fame Award, Alumna of the year, 2003 and Columbia College Graduate of Distinction, President’s List 1979
  • USF Graduate of Merit, 1998 and Business Association Undergrad Scholar, 1995
  • Stanislaus National Forest Business Management Employee of the Year, 1989

Amy Falken

Co-director, Board Member, VISTA Alum

Amy“I’m passionate about developing the powers of Community Heroes. I help members of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations connect their hearts with what they love to do best, with Resiliency and Impact. My background includes small business and nonprofit startups and lots and lots of years with technology. I wear the I.T. hat at Sierra NonProfit, and have successfully implemented an all-Chrome device office system that allows us to work anywhere, even from our smart phones. I served as the first VISTA member at Sierra NonProfit, piloting the development of a multi-county online volunteer management system, and went on to serve as the VISTA program Supervisor, working with low-income women to find their hidden gifts and talents. I’m very proud to say that one of my (our) VISTA members went on to fulfill her dream of founding her own nonprofit organization: LWC Enrichment for Girls, and the other is now a key team member with the Center for Non Violent Community, both in Tuolumne County.

“My communications and organizational development training includes studies in Non Violent Communication, Sacred Commerce and Strengths development, I produce our stress management workshops, and along with that, I’m also the person you’ll come to with your nonprofit filing questions and issues. Which means I’ll help you take slow, relaxing breaths as you navigate the many pages of your paperwork. I also answer questions about the many types of Fiscal Sponsorship, and help people identify if what they want to do is better suited to a nonprofit or a hybrid organization, such as a B-Corp.

“I’ve been in Tuolumne County for over 20 years, and enjoy life with my husband, our teenage son, 2 corgis, one corn snake, a very cool bearded dragon, and the hummingbirds who visit regularly. Most weekends I’m either cooking or re-configuring old laptops into Linux-based Chromebooks.

“I believe everyone and everything has something to offer, and everyone has a right to be invited to the table.”

Judy Surles

SER Trainee

IMG_1442Judy is a Jobs for Progress trainee being hosted by Sierra NonProfit Services. She is currently working toward her Business degree at ITCC, Indiana. Her studies have an emphasis in nonprofit management and marketing. Judy is a wonderful new addition to the team because she helps manage our marketing, website, grant seeking and many other tasks in the office.  Judy is a whiz at producing marketing materials, and is terrific with organization. When you receive one of the many information packets we have at the ready for you, you can thank Judy for all that clear, understandable information you have in your hands.

Gayle Turner

Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator

Board Members:

  • Jennifer Blaney
  • Shana Wren
  • Denise Taddei-Yago