“We help people build thriving communities”

We Are A Resource Center

Naturally,  like any other nonprofit. we need money. We need to pay the rent, we need to pay the trainers. Your financial gift goes toward helping us bring bring affordable training and resources that the cause you love needs to have in order to do great work.  The people committed to the cause you love need to know how to build an effective Board, write grant applications, recruit volunteers.

Sierra NonProfit Services is the ONLY LOCAL resource your nonprofit has for this kind of help!

We aren’t the group that rescues animals, feeds the hungry, saves the forest, fights the fires, builds the playgrounds. We aren’t the ones who give out the money.


We ARE the group that the people starting and running grassroots nonprofits can come to for help–learning how to start a nonprofit, learning how to recruit volunteers, learning how to write a good funding proposal. We ARE the group that the people doing the work of making things better come to when they are not sure about what to do next. We ARE the group that has the databases available to search for FREE. We ARE the group with the only comprehensive library of reference books on all aspects of nonprofit management.  We ARE the group that can help your nonprofit board go from Stuck to Stellar.


We ARE the ONLY LOCAL resource available for the people who are working so very hard to make life better for all of us!