“We help people build thriving communities”

Captain Encouragement

Captain Encouragement is the newest and most popular community superhero! What does he do? He teaches children the values of anti-bullying and nonviolence. He’s changing the world, one smile at a time!


From the team:

Call To Inspire is a team of 7 individuals with a vision to promote a healthy and positive mindset in our community and around the world. We are based out of Sonora, California and we have been building the Captain Encouragement program since April 2015.

The Captain Encouragement program teaches small children how to fight violence with nonviolence, to be compassionate members of their community, and to value their own dreams and goals. We do this through an interactive “Super Hero Training Program” where they learn to recognize and express their emotions in a productive and healthy way. Call To Inspire designed the Captain Encouragement program for children ages 4-9.

Our primary goals are to decrease the amount of bullying between children, to decrease the national youth suicide rate, and to help kids believe that they matter in this world. Captain Encouragement has already begun making a name for himself as a community superhero. Everyone can see he’s making it “cool to be kind.”