“We help people build thriving communities”

We Assist Local Nonprofits


  1. Who are we? Sierra NonProfit Services
  2. What do we do? We support the growth of nonprofits and grassroots groups as they strive to serve our community.
  3. How do we do this? Sierra NonProfit Services supports nonprofits in two main ways:
    1. Resources for your organization
    2. Volunteer resources
  4. What is our Mission? (Why are we here?) To ensure success for those who are trying to make life better in the Mother Lode.
  5. What is our Vision? A healthy community, where the needs of all who live here are met, and an economic and social climate that fosters inclusion, connection, inspiration and care for one another.
  6. What are our goals?  To provide to every nonprofit, grassroots group, individual or project that seeks it the knowledge and resources they need to fulfill their vision mission and goals. And in doing so, to help shape our Mother Lode community so that:
    1.  Every being is fed
    2. Every being has safe, clean housing
    3. Every human being gets the care and support they need to live in uplifted consciousness
    4.  Every being has hope