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How to Train your Staff to SUCCEED with Volunteers

In this webinar you’ll learn strategies and tactics you can implement easily and quickly to help staff more effectively supervise and delegate to volunteers:

By sharing this knowledge with your staff, they’ll be able to:

  • Identify the basic skills and characteristics of good volunteer supervision
  • Understand and embrace the role of supervisor
  • Appreciate the similarities and uniqueness of supervising salaried versus non-paid staff
  • Assess their own competence in supporting volunteers
  • Understand the elements and importance of effective delegation

Date: Tuesday, November 14th, 2017                                                                          Contact:

Time: 10:45 am                                                                                                                Donna Wilson

Duration: 1hr                                                                                                                    209-533-1093

Location:   Workplace Sonora                                                                                      donna@sierranonprofit.org

320 W. Stockton St.

Sonora, Ca.

Cost: $5.00