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The following two workshops are only being held upon request.  Once we have enough interested people we will contact you with date, time and cost. Please email us at info@sierranonprofit.org



Sierra NonProfit Services has partnered with Harvey Chess, a well-known nonprofit consultant and coach, to teach local community members how to secure funding for their nonprofit organizations. This workshop is useful to anyone who wishes to seek funding from individual donors to large-scale corporate donors. Every year the competition for these resources increases. Learn how to get cash for your nonprofit by attending our full two-day workshop.




Stress Management: Handle the Overwhelming Triggers. Registration open.

We all have individual reactions to any environment we find ourselves in.  Our life experiences, both short and long-term, as well as our current state of health and diet, can affect how we respond to potentially stressful situations  – or our likelihood of interpreting them as stressful.  Right away, we can go inward to assess our level of stress and take immediate steps to lower it by:

  • Getting away from the stressor (time out)
  • Deep breathing
  • “I” messages
  • Other techniques

Tam Koster will be instructing this workshop. Tam is  a community mediator in the San Francisco Bay Area and Tuolumne County Superior Court. Tam has been teaching  Stress and Anger Management since 2006 and is very passionate about helping others in the community.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to “read” your triggers: Identify feelings, body and mind signals
  • Strategies for better awareness and response choices to handle stress
  • How to address others’ stress and/or anger