We Serve Those Who Serve Others

Welcome to Your New Year

“When it’s better for everyone, it’s better for everyone.”

–Eleanor Roosevelt

Happy January, Happy 2016!

Happy Year of Co-Creation. You can also call it Year of Collaboration, or Year of Partnerships, Joint Ventures, whatever works for you. This is the year we as people are seriously waking up to the need to work together, with compassion and love for ourselves, our fellow beings, and the planet upon which we ride. We are Stewards–of ourselves, of each other..and of this planet upon which we ride (bears repeating.)

We have some resources for you to help you be that Good Steward:

“Stress Management: Handling the Overwhelming Triggers”  Wednesdays in February, 10th, 17th, and 24th, with options for afternoon and evening workshops. You’ll come away with a basic “toolkit” of strategies to help you take care of yourself or someone else when the situation escalates beyond simple annoyance.

 This year we have so much to share, give, and receive. Love, in all the ways we express it. Our service — take a gander at all the wonderful volunteer opportunities available on Volunteer Match.

Welcome. This is your year.