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We’ve Moved!

197A Mono Way, Sonora.

We are now in the Mother Lode Internet building.

You: Nonprofits, Social Entrepreneurs and Change Agents. You are the Community we have the privilege to serve, and we are doing so at our new location

Since March 2008, our home has been 591 S. Washington St, Suite A. That stucco one with the 2 palm trees. It’s housed many a venture over the decades…a brewery (so we’ve been told), photography, telemarketing. Parents-to-Be learned what to expect when they were expecting when 591 was home to The Nesting Place. People learned to live with loss of loved ones with Dawn’s Light Center for Children and Adults in Grief. Nonprofits, and change agents of all kinds, learned how to better follow their callings with Sierra NonProfit Services. And you all learned what amazing and talented volunteers live in Tuolumne County.

Now we take our leave, as 591 has new owners–wonderful owners– in the Sanders family and their business, Mountain Methods. Construction. They intend to give that good old building a solid remodel. We wish them all the very best, and are so very grateful for the gift of their friendship.

And now, new place, new visions, new possibilities. New recognition of the work that needs to be done. We all have work to do. Inner work, and our work in the world. For it is the inner work of the individual that leads to strength and resiliency of community. We are tested by way of change…fire, drought, elections, the issues of the day.

Over the coming month, you will find at this web site information for you, the Nonprofit Leader; You, the Volunteer; You, the Social Entrepreneur; You the Change Agent. You will be able learn about the issues that impact your work. You will find here the volunteer opportunities that call to you, and you will be able to join in celebrating Tuolumne County’s Volunteers. You will learn about approaching life from your Strengths.

You are Loved. You are Needed. You have unique gifts to bring forth.

Stay tuned.