Serving those who help the community


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And the Winners Are…

(Oh ho, you thought we’d let the cat out of the bag?)

T-Minus and Counting…About 25 hours left till

The 2015 “Volunteers the Heart of Tuolumne County”

With THANKS to all Nominators and Award Sponsors…

Nominations: Check. Judging: Check. Invitations sent: Check. Sample Chef Dave Staff’s 2015 salad creation: Check…and add YUM to that one! Now we get ready for a party. You can come too! A FEW Tickets still available, just click on the heart.

Who will be there? Who will get Extra Mile? Never Too Young? Community Excellence? Volunteer’s Champion? Ed Minium Judges Special Award?  And oh boy…Lifetime Achievement?

There are many organizations with volunteers. All these organizations do recognize their volunteers in meaningful ways. So, why all the hoopla? Because for all they do for us, Volunteers don’t “hoopla” themselves. They just do the deed, whatever that deed may be. And they might have been doing their deeds for decades.

Those who serve our community are our Quiet Heroes. They do it because it’s just the right thing to do. They do it without fuss or fanfare. You will be blown away to learn how much people care, and “do something about it.” Truly, they are the Heart of Tuolumne County, and once a year, don’t you think they deserve a nice lunch?

The Awards Luncheon takes place Friday, April 17, 2015 at the Elks Lodge in Sonora (that’s 100 Elk Drive, Sonora), 12-1:30pm. Every Nominee in each category is individually recognized, and each category winner receives a cash prize, to be donated to the organization or cause of their choice. For some folks, this is the only time they can give a substantial cash gift to the cause that means so much to them.

This is THE ONLY Event in the Mother Lode Region that honors the Heart, Love and Work of Volunteers from ALL aspects of service, at one time and in one room. Many folks meet for the first time. And when you look around the tables, it’s pretty darned special. Hint…if you come, bring tissues.